2007_03_naomic2.jpgAfter being sentenced to a week of community service mopping floors at a Department of Sanitation warehouse on the Lower East Side, Naomi Campbell has embarked on the other part of her reformation. As part of her plea deal for striking her housekeeper with a rhinestone-encrusted cellphone, Campbell must also complete two anger management classes. And it seems she completed the first one yesterday.

The Post finds out that the supermodel spent five hours at a class held on the Upper West Side and spares no detail about what she was wearing:

Rolling up to school in a black Escalade at 8.53 a.m., flanked by a tall bodyguard in a three-piece suit, the diva kept her lips pursed and her face half-hidden behind enormous red sunglasses.

She wore skin-tight blue jeans, black suede boots and an Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf, a far cry from the humble, paint-stained jeans and frayed, baggy sweatshirt get-up of her fellow probies.

Sticking out of her large gold Louis Vuitton carry-on bag was a bright purple notebook - possibly the anger journal required for class. Each participant is expected to record their feelings, her classmates said.

The Post also gets other anger management students to spill the beans - apparently Naomi was "so, so nice" and also spoke for a long time about her problems. She apparently said, ""I mean I cannot believe I am sitting here. And, I have said it before, but this time I truly mean it. I feel sorry and I am really going to learn from my mistakes."We guess there's no confidentiality and, heck, it's probably good PR for her.

And another celebrity who still needs to take her anger management classes is Foxy Brown, who got upset at the anger management counselor, accusing them of trying to rip her off.