Donald Trump is not a celebrity. Donald Trump is a tremendously unqualified presidential candidate who, if elected, will drive this country off the edge of a cliff into a fiery inferno, taking the rest of civilization with him. Donald Trump has empowered a bigoted mob of embittered rednecks and given them tacit permission to attack immigrants, people of color, women, and journalists, and encouraged them to assassinate his opponent Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is a walking catastrophe who must be stopped. And yet, Jimmy Fallon invited this sociopath onto the Tonight Show, threw him a couple softball questions, and ruffled his hair.

Indeed, last night Fallon handled Trump as if the latter was merely plugging a new film and not, in fact, poised to assume highest office in the country, if not the world at large. Fallon asked Trump if he knew what a coin is, if he'd ever played the board game, "Sorry," how he eats so much fast food, if he'd ever gotten a cold on the campaign trail. Fallon asked Trump if he "still want[s] to do this," as if it's super cute that this lying, racist, misogynistic, narcissistic piece of shit might be a few months away from getting access to our nuclear codes. Fallon never asked Trump a substantive question, but he did play with that mess that lives on his head:

Jimmy, what the fuck is wrong with you? The "bromance" between Putin and Trump isn't cute, it's frightening.

Trump and Clinton are nearly neck and neck in the polls right now, and there is a chance he will become President of the United States. He has threatened to put Peter Thiel, a billionaire who is using his money to silence journalists, on the Supreme Court. He has threatened to unconstitutionally block an entire religion from coming into the United States. He has picked an anti-gay, anti-science, and anti-woman running mate. He claims he has the expertise to run a country because of his "very good brain," and refuses to listen to advisors.

He has crafted few viable policies. His economic plan is a joke. He will destroy us. Fallon is complicit in our destruction, as is NBC at large, a network that profits off of Trump's television shows and Miss Universe competition and has repaid him by giving him a hosting spot on Saturday Night Live, and allowing both Matt Lauer and, now, Fallon, to give him metaphorical handjobs on national television. NBC executives are gambling the lives of 7 billion people on ratings and fat paychecks. Hope it's worth it!

Go to hell Jimmy Fallon, and we mean that with utmost sincerity. This is not funny anymore.