2008_09_nflkick.jpgIf you woke up this morning wondering, "How can I celebrate the kick-off to the 89th NFL season?" then you're in luck, because the NFL has created a fan's guide on just how to do so, and they're providing the entertainment.

Before the NFL season begins in earnest with the Giants playing the Redskins, a concert celebration is planned at 3 p.m. today in Columbus Circle where fans can watch Keith Urban (Mr. Nicole Kidman), Usher and Natasha Bedingfield perform for free. If you are not a fan of a congested Columbus Circle or of Usher's summer hit, "Love in This Club," then just avoid the area all-together. For the fans: as a bonus, former Giants and Jets players and Mayor Bloomberg are expected to be on hand to greet you. The Giants game, however, will not be broadcast in Columbus Circle following the event.

NewYorkology points towards real-time view on the Columbus Circle webcams, where there's a "Gridiron Alert for traffic due to all the street closures in the neighborhood." And WNBC provides a list of street closures for today.