2006_07_wtcmoviecover.jpgNewsweek devotes its cover to Oliver Stone's World Trade Center (star Nicolas Cage is on the cover, though, not Ollie), and there's a big, positive feature about the film. Time, which has a stem cell cover story, gives World Trade Center a positive review. What's interesting is how a lot of coverage notes that Oliver Stone seems to have kept his politics in check and, in turn, created a good film. Now, with positive sentiments from the right also pouring in, could World Trade Center be the feel good movie of an important election year?

The movie opens next Wednesday, August 9. We're not totally convinced about the film after seeing the trailer, and we're still not sure if we want to see it (we sort of think a World Trade Center movie would have to be at least week long, to really capture what was going on). Are you going to see it? Newsweek also interviews John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, the two Port Authority police officers portrayed in the film (by Cage and Michael Pena respectively). Jimeno says, "To this day I still have problems watching excessive news coverage of violence and bad things."