2006_09_vfcover.jpgAfter seeing the photographs of the Family Cruise-Holmes, yesterday Gothamist tried to buy a copy of Vanity Fair. We went to three different newsstands, where the owners, after laughing at us, told us they were sold out. Apparently everyone wanted 22 glossy pages of Hollywood family values (Scientology! Children before marriage! Scuttlebutt over whether a baby looks Asian!) as soon as they hit the stands! We're sure we'll be able to get our hands on a copy of Vanity Fair, but in the meantime, we could examine the photographs in the feature thanks to Just Jared. Our conclusion: The baby is cute, a positive outcome of couch-jumping. Now all we want is for Fametracker's Mediator to analyze this issue - their analysis of the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue was brilliant.

Have you read the Vanity Fair issue yet? And another Vanity Fair cover girl is in the news. Paris Hilton was just arrested in LA - but for DUI, not public indecency - and she didn't call anyone sugartits.