2006_01_wodruffvogt.jpgYesterday, the new ABC News co-anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt were injured by shrapnel while traveling on an Iraqi road. The shrapnel came from a roadside bomb, and Woodruff and Vogt had been standing on an Iraqi vehicle when a roadside bomb went off; the two suffered head injuries. They are in serious but stable condition and were transferred to a military hospital in Germany overnight.

The news has riveted, well, the news media. News trucks are around ABC News offices in Manhattan, where ABC broadcasts near Lincoln Center, and there are some articles about how this event is a prism for what the war has become: For instance, the NY Times takes the tack for the war being dangerous for even common folk. The depressing thing about this news is that's it's been almost three years since David Bloom, the NBC correspondent, died from an embolism in Iraq - the U.S. has been in the Middle East for too long.