Ch. Darbydale's All Rise, better known as Josh, a 155-pound, boisterous Newfoundland, won the Westminster Dog Show last night. During the exciting and tense final best in show round, judge Burton Yamada chose Josh other a number of other amazing dogs: Coco the Norfolk terrier, a tiny Pekingese, a Sussex spaniel named Stump, Ibizan hound "Bunny" (named so because of her markings, not her pointy ears), Kevin the Pembroke Welsh corgi and a standard poodle (we still don't understand the weird pompoms its the back). Judge Yamada (who designs missiles or something, as Gothamist learned from USA's coverage) chalked up his decision to the dogs' flair and attitude, likening them to actors, "What makes a good actor? They assume the part, and have the desire and attitude to win." Josh had barked while Judge Yamada inspected him, which drove the crowd crazy.

Josh is going to Sardi's for lunch today. More about the Westminster Dog Show.