lostsubway.jpgBefore people flee the city for Buffalo, they enter it with wide eyes and big hopes. The NY Times looks at what it's like for newbies, who will either be crushed by the city, or embrace it. Just how many fresh transplants are amongst us? The Census for 2006 showed "nearly 77,000 people in their 20s had been in the city for a year or less" -- a number that's likely doubled since the Sex and the City movie came out (unsubstantiated!). While many newcomers find comfort in the skyline they've seen in countless tv shows and movies, others are defeated by a lack of funds and friends. And then there's the rudeness; one claimed he "is still trying to stomach what feels to him like a whole new brand of rude." The same fella has a childhood fear of taxis, and says “I always thought any time I got into taxis they were going to kidnap me, and I was going to die."