2007_06_arts_moby.JPGDid you know New York is #4 of America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Large Cities? It's no surprise there are so many famous and not-so-famous veggies living here. Focusing on the former, PETA is holding another poll asking who the Sexiest Vegetarian worldwide is. This is their sixth annual sexy veggie contest, and has a list of 233 celebs competing for the title, including our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Tobey McGuire. While the poll only includes Hollywood herbivores, AMNY notes that celebs aren't the only high profile folk with a taste for tofu. If Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich were to win the 2008 presidential election, he'd be the first vegetarian in the White House.

Amongst the stars listed are some New Yorkers, including: Stella McCartney, Alec Baldwin, Nick Zinner, Russell Simmons, Mos Def, Todd Oldham and of course - vegan king of the LES - Moby. While the co-founder of Teany won't be getting our vote, he is a pretty hardcore vegan, he recently noted that he's been a "vegetarian for 23 years, vegan for 20.... I like animals and I don't want to be involved in anything that makes them suffer. Fake meat is amazing, the vegan equivalent of junk food. I usually refrain from fake meat unless I'm really hungover. Somehow it makes hangovers more bearable." We wonder what his great-great grand uncle, author/whaler Herman Melville, would think of that.

Earlier this year the NY Post reported that Chrissie Hynde, who has been a vegetarian since 1969, turned down a $100,000 offer from The Gap, who wanted to "use one of her songs in its 'Everybody in Leather' campaign. She refused, then bit the hand that wanted to feed her by sneaking into a Gap window display and pulling 'a switchblade on the mannequins to slice up their leather jackets.'" More stories like that in PETA campaign chief, Dan Mathews' book Committed: A Rabble Rouser's Memoir, which came out in April.

Vote here, through June 23rd.