200711loverspammer.jpgSince the Subway Sweethearts are so over, we're turning our slightly interested, but mostly disaffected, heads towards the "Love Spammer". The mysterious man who has apparently approached every girl that walks by him on 6th Avenue with the same exact line. What gumption!

His name is (coincidentally) Patrick, his line is asking where Union Square is, and he somehow manages to get some of these innocent passerby to come to his "art studio" for some "wine," and possibly to pose for him. The women who fell for it are now banding together to call him out...or perhaps more realistically, to get in on a little bit of that Patrick Moberg-media madness themselves.

The NY Press has a plea from one of the gullible girls, who wrote: "Patrick, if you are reading this, we are on to you. And I feel it is my duty to alert all of NYC-womankind to your antics." We think perhaps these girls need to turn up their iPods when strolling the streets and ignore the advances of strange men.