Ed Boks and a 'New Yorkie'; Photo: NY Post

A pit bull is a pit bull unless you want give them a little PR love and call them a "New Yorkie." The Post reports on the movement to rename pitbulls "New Yorkies," because they get a bad rap for being violent. The new New York City Animal Care and Control director, Ed Boks, says, "New Yorkers, like pit bulls, are sometimes perceived as a standoffish and mean breed - but are actually 'some of the most generous and open-hearted people I've ever met.'" Clearly, Boks has not been on line at a club or gone to the Barneys sample sale. The Post also notes that San Francisco tried to rename pit bulls "St. Francis Terriers" in the 90s, as well as the fact that pit bulls score higher on animal behavior tests than even golden retrievers. Now, pit bulls can be great, but why is the pit bull qualified to be a "New Yorkie?" Boks says he's open to other suggesions; Gothamist thinks mutts are more "New Yorkie" than other dogs, but we have no suggestions for pit bulls, other than "puppy." But better we rather vicious pit bull be a New Yorkie than a rat dog.

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