Back in May when we were revisiting The Song Remains The Same, we recalled the unsolved caper that went down at the Drake Hotel on Park Avenue. Before Led Zeppelin's final performance at Madison Square Garden in 1973, approximately $200,000 of the band's money was stolen right out of the hotel's safe deposit box. The money was never recovered and the identity of the thief has never been discovered. This is Zeppelin manager Peter Grant discussing the incident:

Some New Yorkers have taken the cold case under their wing, and have come up with their own fictional theory about what happened to all that cash. They're crowdfunding their project—called Fleecing Led Zeppelin—which they say is "our take on a true story that's been sitting in the dusty files of Rock n Roll history for 40 years. It's a short film that will pay homage to Led Zeppelin and their fans, as well as everyone who just likes a rip roaring good story with snappy dialogue."

Sadly, the film won't really crack the case open, but perhaps it can help bring some closure to the bajillionares who never got back their dough.