How well do locals know New York? A recent "New York Pass or Fail Survey" polled city folk about NYC and its attractions. Reading through the results, provided by New York Pass, is really just sort of depressing. For example, 41% think that the Top of the Rock is on top of the Empire State Building! This statistic is only made more alarming by the fact that the name of the attraction might as well be its address. People, it's on top of the Rock! Sigh.

A little less than half polled knew that the World's Fair was in Queens, and shockingly 44% actually knew the Transit Museum is in Brooklyn. 18% knew that the seven points on the Statue of Liberty's crown stand for the Seven Seas and Continents; around 25% know that the Met and the American Museum of Natural History sit across Central Park from each other; 80% knew Santa worked at Macy's; 41% knew that Historic Richmond Town is on Staten Island; and 89% didn't know that the Origami Holiday Tree kicks off the holiday season every year at the AMNH (a 30 year old tradition).

The New York Pass VP, Ken Barrows, says that while "New Yorkers can tell you ten ways to get to The Guggenheim, truth be told, many of us have never actually been there. In many cases, our tourists seem to know more about our city than we do." Not acceptable!