Photo by Jen Carlson

Recently we discovered that people who have never visited New York City have very strong ideas about what New York City is like... based on the teevee, mostly. Well, on a recent trip to New Orleans we discovered that this really is a thing. One local told us that all he knows about the big city is what he's seen in movies, and he and his friends just assume that's what it's like. Then we ran into this dig on our menu while enjoying a late night meal at Clover Grill (recommended!).

Right there under the Battered Chicken Fried Steak, two eggs, grits and toast it reads: "If you are not served in 5 minutes, relax, it may be another 5. This is not New York City."

It's true, even after just 10 minutes while in vacation mode, we began to wonder what was taking so long. And we suppose we had it coming, with that tourist lane bit and all. Related: everyone from the south loves grits. And fried things. Which is probably why they are all so slow.*

*We kid, because we envy you—please teach us your relaxing ways, south.