Today the Daily News has published an article titled, How To Ride The Subway, starring NY1's Jamie Shupak and News scribe Meena Hart Duerson. It is not an instructional for small children, teaching them the ins and outs of public transit. The PSA is for grown-ass adults, and contains tips like: "use your transportation to get you where you need to go" (have you guys been using it for something else? Oh. Right.). They do, however, hit on some subway etiquette tips... which is curious, since they are breaking so many of them in the video. Ladies: you're lovely, but you are riding the subway wrong...

Offense #1: Blocking the subway entrance so others needing to get in have to squeeze by.

Offense #2: HUGGING THE POLE, which is a big subway etiquette offense.

Offense #3: Putting your bag on a perfectly good subway seat that someone could sit on. Blatant disregard for others aside, she should at least be worried about what kind of residue is getting on that Louis Vuitton bag.

Offense #4: If you're standing, hold your bags down by your feet so you aren't hitting people and taking up space.

And speaking of feet, don't forget to throw a second pair of shoes in your giant branded bag, ladies!


Here's the full video. Tell us if you learned something (besides what irony means).