2004_11_u2jillp.jpgGothamist will have a more extensive wrap-up of U2's "so secret, it's a record label's wet dream with all the buzz" Brooklyn concert from Janelle, but we loved this photo by Steven Tom of The Edge in front of a Holland Tunnel sign [U2 spent a good part of the day on a flat bed truck, filming their upcoming video]. And reader Jill sent us this Bono photo from midtown. Thousands flocked from office buildings, even skipping work, to enjoy the spur of the moment concert. Naturally, the NY Post takes pride in pointing out that Bono yelled that he'd like a coffee and a NY Post. Did you skip work to head to Brooklyn and chase U2 around town? Or did you sit back in your cubicle, looking at the photos on other people's blogs in envy?

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