2005_03_artsnyuff.jpgYesterday the New York Underground Film Festival kicked off it's 12th year. So until next Tuesday you can catch some of this years indie gems at the Anthology Film Archives. The festival itself is self described as being "punk," developing and expanding without selling out. It also totally has spiked hair and piercings, we saw it. Anyway, you can view the full schedule is here.

Our pick is Crispin Glover's long awaited, many incarnations in the making, What Is It? This will be the only New York screening of the film, which is set for a Sunday showing (at 8:45 pm). The film is described as being indescribable, in summary you will see all of the following (and we can only imagine more): a minstrel in blackface who aspires to be an invertebrate by injecting snail enzymes into his cheek; a Shirley Temple dictator in Nazi garb; a naked man with cerebral palsy lying on a giant seashell, being fondled by a naked woman wearing a monkey mask; talking snails getting repeatedly salted; and watching over all, an enthroned Glover in a full-length fur coat.

It's like taking acid, falling asleep, and dreaming of Fellini.

With controversial imagery and plots mixed in with some graphic sexuality it means no one under 18 will be allowed in. Sorry kids, but there are plenty of other films to watch. Including one tonight about Villa Villa Cola (underground girl skateboarder) called Getting Nowhere Faster. It's free, and starts at 6:15pm (downstairs). Other free events listed here.

NYUFF takes place at Anthology Film Archives [32 2nd Avenue at 2nd Street], tickets are available here.