2003_6_sulzberger.jpgThe Post says that New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. denies that his family made him ask Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd to resign. He had, famously, right after the Jayson Blair scandal emerged, said that he would not accept Raines' and Boyd's resignations. "Towards the end of last week, and even more towards the beginning of this week, it became clear to them, and in turn to me, that the best thing for this paper would be for them to resign," Sulzberger tells Newsweek.

Again, Gothamist was glued to "Reliable Sources" to see what Howard Kurtz would be able to get going about the New York Times, and he got Times writers David Carr (media) and Deborah Sontag (Sunday magazine), plus Phil Bronstein (Mr. Sharon Stone, I mean, executive editor of the SF Chronicle), Michael Wolff (NY Magazine), and author Susan Tift (The Trust). We always find it interesting to hear what the Times employees themselves are thinking, even in spite of any possible tongue holding, because at this point, it seems that a lot of media interview they are giving seem like therapy sessions. Here's yesterday's Reliable Sources transcript.