The Times' new fonts; Graphic - NY Times

Typography and Times nerds: The NY Times has introduced new fonts for its headlines. When Gothamist picked up the Times, we thought there was a problem with the printing plant, but lo and behold, this change has been in the works for the past 2 years. Moving from a variety of fonts to ones in the Times Cheltenham family, assistant managing editor and design director Tom Bodkin says, "Our goals were to enhance legibility and bring a more orderly look to the pages while preserving the ability to convey a clear hierarchy of news values. We wanted to appear traditional but less old-fashioned. And we felt a need for a more robust, less spindly headline on what is often the biggest story of the day." Gothamist understands that a newspaper's desire to be legible, but there was something satisfying about the Times' old fonts...we're reading the Times, not USA Today.

Newsday on the font change. And buy your own Cheltenham fonts