2004_12_artsstocking.jpgSo it's almost time to go home for the holidays, and you as a New Yorker have to bring the best presents. You know that right? The rest of your non-New Yorker friends and family look to you for your urban hipness, don't let them down.

We, of course, suggest the gift of music. Local music. Music that isn't on MTV, because they get that outside of New York. We went to the local music bloggers for their local music picks and here's how they suggest you stuff the stockings of loved ones...

Catherine's Pita suggests: The Hold Steady [available online or in store at Other Music]

Karen Plus One suggests: Saints + Lovers, you may have known them as the Sons of Sound before the name change. [Music available here]

Stereogum suggests: Hem [Their cd is available here]

Coolfer suggests some solid choices: TV on the Radio, Secret Machines and the Walkmen [you can get these cd's at Other Music, Virgin Megastore, and we're betting on the next OC soundtrack]

Melody Nelson suggests: Asobi Seksu [available at Insound]

Brooklyn Vegan suggests: Other Passengers, although we think given the chance at suggesting a non-local band he'd say Arcade Fire. [Other Passengers EP is available here]

The Real Janelle suggests: Sea Ray who will play their last show on January 21st [cd's available here]

Still need to get in the holiday spirit? Listening to the following will surely help, that, and egg nog:

2004_12_artsvinylxmas.jpgPas/Cal & Asobi Seksu Christmas 12" available here.

Snowden isn't a local band, but we want them to be. They have a Christmas EP that's free on their site! Download, listen and get jolly [their EP is also available in the music section of their site.]

As for us, Gothamist loves mix cd's! [Yes, we'd prefer a mix tape but...they won't fit in our iPod, we tried.] So why not be a little original and make one, we suggest throwing some of these local bands on there: The Cloud Room, Elkland, Morning Theft, Sam Champion, Dirty On Purpose and Inouk. Comment with your suggestions...

Related: Karen suggests gifts for the movie nerd. Combined, consider this something akin to the Seth Cohen Christmukkah Starter Pack.