2005_11_rkb.jpgThis week's issue of New York magazine is the Annual Sex Issue, with alarming and titillating articles about marriage with benefits (dude, marriage is so cool!), and the old gay man scene (you know, baldness is a sign of extra testosterone), but the article that captivated Gothamist was the sex columnist roundtable, which included our very sexy contributor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, who writes for the Village Voice and Penthouse (her picture, at right). Other columnists (all of them female) were Stephanie Klein, DC sex-fiend Jessica Cutler, former Redbook-now Penthouse contributor Elise Nersesian, our alma mater's paper's sex columnist Miriam Datskovsky (all the good things at Columbia happen AFTER we leave), and NY magazine columnist Amy Sohn. We tip our hat to these ladies, because Lord knows we wouldn't be able to handle our high school teacher telling us he reads a sex column we wrote. But it's good to know that doing antidepressants and coke makes one write faster - we'd been wondering that.

Read our interviews with Amy Sohn, Jessica Cutler, Miriam Datskovsky.