2006_08_starmap.jpgEx-Gawker editor Jesse Oxfeld joins New York just in time for the magazine's big story on where celebs are in the city! Well, he's only quoted (as is current Gawker editor Jessica Coen), but given that yesterday's Post went ga-ga over Brooklyn celebs and where you might see them, forget the locusts, it's the day of the celebs. For the record, Gothamist's favorite star-sighting is not seeing Harrison Ford (with, ugh, that earring!) have dinner at Cafe Luxembourg or Nicole Richie at Balthazar Bakery (so tiny - and with DJ AM!), but it was seeing Elaine Orbach at the Vitamin Shoppe on Broadway and West 72nd Street. It was just the combination of famous, obscure, and Jerry Orbach-related that makes us tick.

Do you go ga-ga (or just ga) over seeing celebs on the street? And while the story doesn't have Gawker Stalker's practically real-time plotting, there is a map of where celebs live. And we love how S. Epatha Merkerson gets a pretty big picture - holla, Lieutenant Van Buren! - but it's a little weird how dead celebs' residences are noted also.