Nicole Ritchie; Photo - FoxNew York magazine threatens to go into Internet overload. Not only does Simon Dumenco mention six of the "most compelling" bloggers (Choire Sicha for Gawker, Maud Newton, Anil Dash, Nick Denton as blog impressario of the Gawker/Gizmodo/Fleshbot/Kinja empire, Jeff Jarvis, and Elizabeth Spiers for The Kicker; Dumenco says he expects "to be blogged to death" for his choices and the first shot comes from Gawker, which Gawker calls the piece a slobbery blowjob, though it was our understanding better slobbery than none, no?), Deborah Schoeneman exposes as prime ex stalking ground AND gives Nicole "daughter of Lionel; friend of Paris" Ritchie's AIM screenname. Which makes us wonder if there is a black market for celebrities' AIM screennames. Next: Reality IM Conversations as the new reality trend that sucks even more mystique out of celebrities ("whatcha doin?" "press junket but i don't want to" "ic")!