New York Magazine has not one, but five separate articles on bloggers in this week's issue. Some priceless quotes:

"The upshot? Nick Denton’s revenues from Gawker were probably at least $1 million a year and might well be cracking $2 million. Not bad, considering the blog had no serious expenses other than its writers—first Spiers and now Jessica Coen and Jesse Oxfeld, all working for journalist wages—and Webhosting fees of maybe a few thousand bucks a year. “The rest of it,” Hauslaib points out, “just goes into Nick’s pockets.”

For her part, Spiers argues that Gawker is now so well entrenched that it is virtually unmovable. “You’d have be a total fuckup to ruin that site right now,” she says. “It’s got so many links, you’re just going to have a positive growth rate.”

The best quote, of course, comes from Pete Rojas (who also got the cover shot)-- it's so good they actually use it twice in the article:

For Pete Rojas, blogging paid off handsomely. Last fall, AOL bought Weblogs, Inc., which includes his blog Engadget, for $25 million. “I didn’t intend to become a millionaire,” says Rojas, “but I wound up there anyway.”

And what about Gothamist, the site you are reading now? We're still keeping it real: "Despite the popularity of Gothamist, founded by Columbia alums Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin, both have other jobs to pay the bills. “We need to work to invest in infrastructure—servers, maintenance—for our other sites,” says Chung."

What do you have to say about that? Sock it to us, baby.