The Film Society of Lincoln Center has put up the lineup for the New York Film Festival 2005 and it looks, as usual, to be a fun time. Opening the festival is George Clooney's second try at directing "Good Night, and Good Luck" about news reporting in the 50s and the McCarthy hearings ("Have you no sense of decency sir?"). The centerpiece movie is Neil "The Crying Game" Jordan's "Breakfast on Pluto" starring Cillian Murphy as a young man in 70s Ireland who was abandoned as a child (is it just us or is this Murphy guy suddenly everywhere?). Closing is "Caché (Hidden)" directed by Michael Haneke (who won best-director for Caché at Cannes this year).

Elsewhere in the series is one of the two new Truman Capote biopics (the Phillip Seymor Hoffman one, not the Sandra Bullock one), a new Steven Soderbergh movie called "Bubble" and the latest Lars von Trier attack on America "Manderlay."

The Festival runs from September 23 to October 9. Tickets go on sale for Film Society members August 26 and for the general public September 11. Click here for the full schedule and here for box office information.

Still from "Good Night, and Good Luck"