This post is brought to you by .nyc.


New York is the first city with its own city-wide domain reserved exclusively for residents. This is a significant milestone in the history of the City, and the Internet. That's why many members of the NYC tech scene have been among the first to register a .nyc web address.

Organizations like NY Tech Meetup ( and Coalition for Queens ( are using their .nyc addresses to advance the tech ecosystem in the City. Whether they're organizing a hackathon or conducting an economic impact study, their .nyc web addresses allow them to target the community they're working hard to support. Likewise, .nyc is the new home for General Assembly (, a new kind of institution where students can learn some of the 21st century's most relevant skills. While General Assembly's community spans the globe, they're proud to have started it all in New York City.


These tech organizations know that a .nyc web address is a powerful way to show the world they're here, and they're part of what makes this city great. To search for your own .nyc web address, visit to see if it's available. Then choose a retailer and follow the process to complete the registration.