Law & Order filming at Riverside Park

The Hollywood Reporter is running a series of articles about how great New York is for film and TV production. One of them, Location report: New York, gives us some interesting information: "The original "L&O" has contributed more than $650 million to the city during 672 weeks of regular production spanning nearly 15 years." Wow! And that's just ONE of the Law & Order shows. Katherine Oliver, the Film, Theatre and Broadcasting Commissioner, says that L&O is a "repeat customer" coming into for permits "every single day." Commissioner Oliver will also help out films that are shooting entirely in the city: "[Stay, an Ewan MacGregor-Naomi Watts film] was a $50 million-budgeted film, and they shot the entire film in New York City," New York film commissioner Katherine Oliver says. "We diverted Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge for 10 nights; this is not something easy to do, but the message was that if you're going to spend that kind of money, do the entire project here and employ New Yorkers, we will give you the Brooklyn Bridge." There are you go: You get the Brooklyn Bridge for 10 nights, at a cost of $50 million.

The Hollywood Reporter also has piece on NYC production directories, a look at places for post-premiere parties in the city, and different New Yorkers who make the film world go (check out the sidebar). There's also the Greenwich Village Block Associations's Film Score Report Card that grades different productions in the neighborhood: On the upcoming Dennis Quaid-Scarlett Johanssen-Topher Grace film, "Large scale shoot with Dennis Quaid and former Village beauty Scarlett Johansson— so, of course, we love her — great location people and extremely generous contribution..."

The Office of Film, Television and Theater website; and the techlist, which lists different jobs associated with film, TV, and theater gigs, is now Reel Jobs NYC.