DachshundThe New York Times takes apart the city's doggie census and analyzes it using animal ownership information to gain insights into New Yorkers. Reporter Susan Saulny notes the variations of dogs in different areas with much humor: "For instance, who would be most likely to own Lucy, a cute little Shih Tzu? (Hint: Lucy often wears her long hair in a high ponytail above her eyes, fastened with a little pink bow.) Thinking, thinking. Someone from ZIP code 10021, you say, on the Upper East Side? That would be correct."

Tough dogs like pit bulls are found in Spanish Harlem and Alphabet City, wussy dogs...wait, lap dogs tend to be on the Upper East Side. The Lower East Side has many pugs. Poodles are more likely to be found in the outer boroughs. Other findings:
- 20% of New Yorkers, 18 to 24, own dogs
- Only 5% of New Yorkers 65+ own dogs
- 7% of blacks own dogs
- 14% of whites own dogs
- 17% of Hispanics own dogs
- No information for Asians [This must be why Jen does not have a dog]

Saulny ends the article with a quote from Bash Dibra who casts animals for TV shows and commercials. "The New York dog is different from the national dog. The national dog has sort of a Midwestern look, well mannered with a good groom. Maybe a golden Lab. The New York dog is streetwise, spunky, intelligent. It's the kind of dog that would say: `Arghruff! Make my day.'"

It turns out that dachshunds are not very popular in the city. Gothamist can't imagine why, because they are so cute and funny! Video of Rusty the narcoleptic dog and the site for the Dachshund Club of America (warning - they are wacky).

Gothamist on the top names for New Yorkers' dogs. And when is the cat study coming out?