The $150MM facelift for the New York Aquarium has been in the works for over a year now, but the Wildlife Conservation Society hasn't given many hints about what the new look will be like. Now the Wall Street Journal has some details, noting that the plan will add a 1,000-foot spiral ramp, a sparkling aluminum facade, a roof deck with an oceanview and special tanks featuring local species. The added 50,000-square-feet will house a 500,000 tank filled with sharks, sea turtles, and thousands of fish... but no mermaids.

Work won't begin until 2012, and won't be completed until 2015... in the meantime, the WCS is looking to raise more money, which shouldn't be a problem since it's an integral part of the Bloomberg administration's push to rejuvenate Coney Island and make it a year-round destination spot.