Yesterday, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced that the New York Aquarium, which is in Coney Island, "experienced severe flooding from the storm surge associated with Hurricane Sandy. The entire 14-acre facility was under water. As the water recedes, we will need time to assess the full extent of the damage." Uh-oh—what does that mean for the various animals, like Mitik the baby walrus?

Jim Breheny, WCS Bronx Zoo Director and EVP of WCS Zoos and Aquarium, issued an updated statement, "As reported, the NY Aquarium experienced extensive flooding and we are still in the process of assessing damage as a result of this storm. We will provide further reports about the condition of the facility and the animals in the days to come. Many are asking about Mitik, the walrus calf who recently came to the aquarium. As an orphaned calf, he was experiencing some health issues when he came to us as a rescue. We have been monitoring his condition carefully since his arrival and continued this around-the-clock care throughout the duration of the storm."

He also said that the other four WCS facilities—the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo and Queens Zoo—"did not experience serious damage in the storm and all animals fared well."