Undoubtedly 2009 will only bring more drama to Coney Island, and the Save Coney Island Coalition is calling for a New Year's Day rally in an effort to get things moving in their direction. The group will meet noon this Thursday at the memorial shrine on the gates of the now dismantled Astroland Park, and they ask that you "bring photos, drawings, letters, poems, flowers to add to the shrine." Hmm, wasn't that shrine just stolen? Anyway, they also suggest you make your own protest signs or download one here. Meanwhile, one Coney institution that is still around and can't be bulldozed by Thor is the Polar Bear Club! And they'll be out in force on the 1st, taking their first dip of the year at around 1 p.m. You can donate money to their Freezin' for a Reason fund, which goes to benefit Camp Sunshine.