It’s a new year, which means resolutions. Gothamist aimed low with our resolutions this year, seeing as we always break them by oh, today. (Nails bitten? Check. Too much beer imbibed? Yes. Zero regard for finances? You betcha.) We do have one more resolution which is to see more live shows and we think that’s something everyone should do. Even though we love DVR. We think going out is important. Resolve to see shows you haven’t seen before and realize that some of the people performing in New York right now might be famous soon! A few suggestions for this week….

Friday night at Hot Tub, the PIT’s [154 W. 29th St.] variety show hosted by Kurt and Kristen, the guests include MTV’s Andy Milonakis, Nick Kroll, comedian and co-author of Bar Mitzvah Disco, Mario Queen of the Circus and writer/performers Doug Moe and Caitlin Miller.

2006_01_arts_pirates.jpgGothamist also thinks it would be fun to see co-host Kristen Schaal’s other gig as a Story Pirate. The Story Pirates are professional actors who bring stories written by children to life on stage in a style described as "Schoolhouse Rock meets Monty Python”. The actors seek written submissions from children on a regular basis and perform their stories live at elementary schools and weekly at The Drama Bookshop [250 W. 40th St.]. Resolve to spend more time with your kids…or support someone else’s budding writer.
Hot Tub – Fridays at 9:30
Story Pirates – Saturdays at 2pm

Catie Lazarus, Tom Shillue, Leo Allen and many other comedians will performing at the Comedy Igloo this Sunday night. The Comedy Igloo is hosted by Canadian comedian Kevin Janus and costs $9USD/$11CDN. We can’t help but think of all the Canada references that we want to use here but were already done better by Phil Hartman in SNL’s old Amerida sketch. We wouldn't touch that with a three meter pole.

Comedy Igloo – Sunday at 8pm, Under St. Marks [94 St. Marks Place]

Happy New Year!