Last year the "8" in the New Year's 2008 sign headed to Times Square via subway (the 6 train to be exact). This year, it took to the seas and traveled by boat. 9's publicist tells us:

It was a NY Waterway boat that picked up passengers in Weehawken and then came across the Hudson to the Waterway’s Midtown Terminal at W. 39th and the West Side Highway.

The number is now sitting in Times Square with the ‘2-0-0’ at the Duracell Power Lodge (1540 Bway between 45/46 - right above the Charmin bathrooms) where people are pedaling on stationary bikes to generate electricity that is being stored and will be used to light the numbers on New Year’s Eve.

Help keep 2009 green and get thee on a bike! Also in the area is the new ball, and the "confetti wishing wall" is back, where you can write your New Year's wish on a piece of confetti and see it fall into the crossroads of broken dreams when the clock strikes midnight.