Some of our favorite blogs freak out about the first New Yorker of 2004:

Felix Salmon at Memefirst suspects that the "trademarked Eggers High Ironic" he reads in an article about best of lists comes from Ben Greenman. After thinking, "what on earth is the most venerable magazine in the world doing appropriating a prose style which was cool for about ten minutes in 1997," Felix almost goes over the edge when he discovers the author is Louis Menand.

And The Minor Fall, The Major Lift has words for Ian Frazier, regarding his article, Bags in Trees: A Retrospective; A ten-year struggle against insidious litter: "Okay, we get it: you’re a wacky Midwesterner with a great sense of humor and a boundless, childlike curiosity. Enough with the fucking bags already."

Now we don't feel so bad for reading the Allure with Christina Aguilera on the cover first...