While we didn't spot this year's numerals hitching a ride to Times Square on a pedicab, or via the 6 train, there will be a 2011 this New Year's Eve. And it will be accompanied by the famous ball (no, not the Snooki ball). This year's ball will be lit by 32,256 Philips LEDs, each using just 22 watts of power, and will be able to create 16 million color effects, all using just the energy of two household stoves! The ball is 12 feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds, and it's adorned with 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles—a new pattern created by some of them will read: "Let There Be Love." (Find out more fun facts by clicking through.)

If you spot any prep work going on, send us your photos or tag them "Gothamist" on Flickr.