With its ultra-luxury retail stores, exclusive glass towers, and a centerpiece statue that looks like giant Shawarma/rib cage-hybrid, Hudson Yards already feels like a surreal playground for NYC's wealthiest. Now, the Hudson Yards experience has been turned into a new "video game" that truly captures the rich texture of the area.

If we are parsing the demo of the game correctly, you collect "Hello Points" by saying hi to everyone at Hudson Yards, which then earns you an Allyship badge—and you can also use those points to buy DVDs of Bird Box. But be careful to avoid the "Low Income Area"! Along the way, you learn about Wive's Day, celebrate Wive's Day, and get to speak with various helpers, who recap plotlines from The Office and teach you about all the secret Amazon member levels (including Amazon Alpha and Amazon Pride, and also the one that makes your votes count double).

As these things tend to go, the player then enters into the heart of Vessel and the video transforms into a next level psychedelic 3D music video ode to capitalism littered with absurd quotes, soundtracked by Tool's "Schism." It's sorta like a Dril tweet that's been processed through The Lawnmower Man and sent to the future as a warning.

The video was created by former Late Show with Seth Meyers writer/performer Conner O'Malley, the mind behind some of the most deranged, brilliant online videos in recent years: he's trolled people in expensive cars, visited New Jersey sex expos, campaigned for Trump in Midtown, lived life as a Dennis Miller impersonator, and transformed into the world's most passionate Howard Schultz supporter. Do you want Medicare for dogs or not?