The owners of Union Hall and Floyd, Jim Carden and Andy Templar, along with Union Hall booker Jack McFadden, have been hard at work on their new venue. Earlier this year we got a glimpse of The Bell House while the space was still pretty raw, this week Sam Horine took a look inside to see how things are coming along. Located on 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Brooklyn, the venue will be opening in mid-September or early October. Some more fun facts from McFadden:

  • Capacity in the performance space is 333
  • The stage is 28 feet wide by 17 feet deep
  • There's a huge bar in the performance space
  • The front lounge bar holds approximately 100 people and will have couches
  • There are two entrances, one for the performance space, one for the lounge, with a foyer connecting them

There won't be a kitchen, though they may have some offerings from local businesses. And when asked about the stroller policy, they told us: "No strollers! Kidding. As long as they aren't blocking a fire exit, of course!"