With venues closing down left and right, it's nice to see some opening as well -- especially in Manhattan where most are getting priced out. "(Le) Poisson Rouge is "an 800-capacity multimedia art cabaret founded by musicians on the site of the historic Village Gate." The space, located at 158 Bleecker, will be opening once their ongoing major remodeling work is complete. Right now there are some events booked for June, but they tell us they'll be officially opening in September.

Their calendar will boast concerts, dance and theater performances, film screenings, special events and late-night programming in what they call a "flexible main space." An adjoining lounge will also be open during the day as a café, and at night as bar.

Venue capacity is around 800, with an extra 130 fitting in the bar; and for a special night, they've even got two VIP opera boxes, with their own private entrance. Pictured is the floor plan (after the jump), as well as the performance and bar spaces under construction (so you'll have to use your imagination for now!).