Need a little adventure in your life? That's exactly what the Bureau of Unknown Destinations is offering. They've set up shop at 543 Union Street in Brooklyn, and are offering "temporary displacements to members of the public seeking to experiment with their migratory impulses." Say what? Basically, you make a booking for a day’s journey, where the Bureau chooses your own adventure for you.

You’ll be presented with a free round trip ticket for a train adventure (along with a notebook and a small, somewhat absurd, task). Begin your day by tearing open a sealed envelope and revealing the mystery of where you will find yourself by noon. Set forth, free of decisions, into the great (or perhaps, in this case, the small) unknown. Test your sense of destiny. Have lunch someplace new.

The Bureau's offices are open most Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m., and always by appointment. This is all part of a three month artist's residency by Sal Randolph at Proteus Gowanus, extending through mid-April. For more information, you are directed here.