A mock-up of the yard, courtesy of the Participation Agency.

If you find you can't afford that Hamptons timeshare you wanted this summer, or even that Rockaway one, then there's a budget option awaiting you on the Lower East Side. A group called the Participation Agency brings you Timeshare Backyard, located at 145 Ludlow Street and available to rent by the hour starting August 11th. They tell us:

Timeshare Backyard welcomes guests into a curated backyard, a transformed vacant lot in the heart of the Lower East Side. The basic concept is simple: Rent by the hour. Build your own backyard. Long live summer.

Guests are invited to furnish their private suburban backyard by selecting from the folder of supplementary add-ons. Things like a play pool, Slip ‘n’ Slide, packed cooler, hammock, a BBQ with meat selection, keg, a garden hose, sparklers, beer cozies, trampoline, hula hoops, water balloons, lanterns or popsicles and more.

They'll also give you the option of a private performance by "celebrated local bands" (the space is right next to Cake Shop, and the group is partnering with the venue for their opening private party on the 11th). So how much will it all cost you? The organizers tell us the yard is $50/hour, and renters can bring up to 30 friends—but add ons can get pricey, with a Slip ‘n’ Slide costing $100, a kiddie pool $200, a grill with all the works for 10 people is an extra $150, and a live band starting at $5,000! Or, you know, you can actually have your own private outdoor space with a band at Floyd Bennett Field every weekend!