A new expensive home design trend is just taking a page from the MTV Cribs book! The NY Times' Home section has a very detailed article about oversized aquariums that designers are now incorporating into clients' abodes. One says, "[Typical clients] have a collection of cars, of motorcycles, of art, they have three dogs. It’s like, ‘What else, what’s the next thing to wow my friends?’ It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d see in high-end interior design, but that’s being reconsidered."

City Aquarium's Justin Muir, who shops at ABC Carpet & Home for some of the accessories in the tanks he designs and once built a shark tank for a couple in Chelsea (when the sharks outgrew the tank, they were donated to the actual New York Aquarium), told the Times, "Some people are like, ‘O.K., $5,000 every month to take care of the tank, plus $100,000 cost of the tank — I’m cool with that." And any wonder why they hate us?