As everyone knows by now, Mayor Bloomberg has quite a personal affinity for the Staten Island Ferryhe loves reminiscing about taking dates there in his younger days: "You’d get a six-pack of beer, a pizza, and you’d sit outside; it was really romantic." But future generations may not get the opportunity to set sail on romantic waters because new boats proposed for the SI Ferry don't include any outside seating!

According to SILive, a "preliminary design investigation" requested by the DOT and completed by KPFF Consulting Engineers recommended purchase of three new boats to replace some of the current ferryboats. The new designs include a longer loading apron, to make it easier to load, and a fourth public deck. But they leave out any outdoor promenade.

But nobody need panic just yet: the new boats wouldn't be delivered until 2018, giving plenty of time for adjustments and additions to be made. And even the preliminary report notes passengers' fondness for the outdoors: "Weather decks are popular among both regular users and tourists and should continue to be provided." Passenger surveys and public outreach will also be conducted before any final decisions. Having said that, if you're someone who finds fish tanks or giant ferris wheels highly erotic, we wouldn't delay. And hey, it's still a hell of a lot cleaner than a bathroom at the NY Post.