The exterior this week, before transformation. (Photo by Alex Tween/Gothamist)

Ridgewood has been transforming over the past few years (in case you missed those NY Times articles), and the neighborhood's Seneca Avenue seems destined to become something like Williamsburg's Bedford Avenue. Later this year, a music venue will open on the stretch of street just off the M train.

Footlight, both a bar and venue, will be run by a team of creators and self-described "movers and shakers" who have come together to create the creative space within the community. "Ridgewood is made up of small businesses and small business owners," one of the owners, Laura Regan, told us this week, "I'm hoping that by opening a small venue and neighborhood bar, we will successfully integrate into the community and help maintain it's integrity." Along with Regan, Gabriel Rodriguez is a co-owner.

The exterior this week, before transformation. (Photo by Alex Tween/Gothamist)

The venue will open at 465 Seneca Avenue, which used to be Equinoxio, a bar that shuttered a few years ago. "The building is extremely old and awesome," Regan says, "We speculate that it was originally a knitting factory from some old paint on the exterior back wall. It became a bar for a time back in the early 2000s but the space has been mainly empty since 2008. The bones of the bar and hall are really gorgeous. Our landlord is a flooring contractor so we really lucked out with some beautiful woodwork."

They plan to carry snacks, local brews, and a small selection of wine and spirits—"and we'll keep the popcorn maker going all day!" The group is currently working with Community Board 5 "to meet all the concerns of the neighborhood" (this is a pretty residential corner), "and fulfill all the requirements to have a bar at the space."

They're currently trying to raise some extra funds, and you can contribute via Indiegogo.