Photo courtesy of AKRF

All of our fighting for a space shuttle paid off in April when NASA granted us the Enterprise, but now what do we do with it? On Friday, the senior VP at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, Matt Woods, spoke at a public forum asking a panel of economic development planners "to make the Enterprise building a priority for state assistance." You see, now we need about $85 million to finance a structure in which to house the massive shuttle (the 75,000-square-foot building would also house laboratories, a retail space and a rooftop cafe).

According to CityRoom, the argument for funding is rooted in the fact that it would bring more visitors to the city, while creating about 1,200 jobs, according to a study the museum commissioned. Woods also noted that it could “reinforce the position of the entire state as a science and space destination.”

The shuttle, which was just a prototype and never actually went to space (though did get a visit from the Star Trek cast), will arrive in the Spring of 2012, and will be housed in a transparent hangar on the pier... unless Texas or Ohio steals it from us before then.