For too long, the Gotti family has had a stranglehold over our reality TV and our court TV, and now look poised to even usurp our straight-to-DVD movies. More like John Gotti-have-all-the-attention, amirite? But next year, this spotlight-hogging ship shall be righted, when Karen Gravano, daughter of mafia turncoat Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano, takes her rightful place in the soft-focus sun on the new reality show "Mob Wives," which has just begun filming...although, she's not really a mob wife.

The show will focus on the lives of Gravano and four actual mob wives, is largely set in Brooklyn and on Staten Island, and will possibly be shown on VH1 next year. Gravano, a self-described "aesthetician and makeup artist," claims she's trying to get out of her father's shadow by being on the show. Her father, who testified against John Gotti, is currently serving a 20-year sentence for Ecstasy trafficking. Victims of Sammy Bull think the younger Gravano is trivializing her father's legacy as a gangster: "She grew up a little spoiled brat on blood money. She should be ashamed that her father is a murderer and a drug dealer. I would be ashamed and crawling in a hole and staying out of the limelight," said Jackie Colucci, whose slain brother Joseph was Sammy Bull's first victim in 1970.