After much teasing and sweet vindication, Radiohead are releasing the 20th anniversary edition of their masterpiece OK Computer this week. The reissue, OKNOTOKCOMPUTER, features b-sides and three unreleased tracks that fans have been salivating over for two decades. Arguably the best of the bunch, "Man Of War" (formerly "Big Boots"), has now been given the music video treatment—and the entire thing was shot here in Brooklyn!

The video, which recalls past Radiohead videos such as "Just" and "Rabbit In Your Headlights" (yes, I know technically that isn't a Radiohead song, but you get my drift), was directed by Colin Read, who you might know as Mandible Claw—he spent over two years capturing people skateboarding in the subways and on rooftops for his urban skating video, Tengu: God of Mischief, which we have previously highlighted on Gothamist. He confirmed to us that the music video was shot on location in Greenpoint and Bushwick (though he isn't allowed to say much more about the project at this time, given Radiohead's general veil of secrecy over their projects).

The first part of the video seems to take place around Morgan Avenue near Carnegie Playground in Cooper Park, then around the 2 minute mark, moves to Gardiner Avenue (note: Lucky Star Party and Craft Inc. & Quality Foam Inc.) before ending on the train tracks at Scott Avenue.

You can see the video for another of the unreleased songs, "I Promise," below.

And if you're interested in checking out more of Read's work, you can see the trailer to his followup to Tengu below.