Overshadowing news that Pedro Martinez has met with George Steinbrenner is the revelation that someone is trying to blackmail Gary Sheffield with a tape of Sheffield's wife, another woman and R. Kelly in a three-way! The Yankees slugger, no stranger to controversy as accusations of steroids use have plagued him in the past year, had his business manager hold a press conference about how a "minister" was trying to extort Sheffield for $20,000. At first, Gothamist thought that R. Kelly had given up minors and was just making sex tapes with women of age. But it seems like the tape may have been made over 10 years ago, and Sheffield's wife, DeLeon, is now 28. Clearly, the lesson is don't have sex with R. Kelly. It can only lead to bad things. Except for this Modern Humorist spin on the R. Kelly Sex Tape.

MTV on R. Kelly's trials.