After a long day in the salt mines, there's nothing like a quick dip in a cold mass of chlorinated water spiced with children's urine and floating Band-Aids. With the public pools still days away from opening, and the contents of our wallet too pathetic to dip in The Gansevoort's pool, we're left to dreaming. What if it was safe to jump into the East River? Several designers are currently working on a concept called +Pool, a 9,000 square foot pool-shaped filtration system that would turn the toxic waterways of our city into a summertime paradise.

+Pool works by using three types of filters, with the first two catching debris and algae, and the final trapping bacteria and viruses. DNAinfo reports that the group has scouted at locations like "the East River near Stuyvesant Town at 23rd Street, along the Hudson above 59th Street," and along the "Riverbank State Park at 135th Street." The pool would be the "first of its kind," and considerably more environmentally friendly and permanent than a structure like The Floating Pool Lady.

The group needs $500K to build a prototype. So far, they've raised $9,500 through a Kickstarter campaign, and need to hit $25K by July 15 to buy a device capable of testing the technology. This is crucial, especially given the damage that can be done by just touching the water in the East River, as shown in this scientific video. (Video of their owns plans, below.)