Original photos by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

Over the weekend we were prepared to start a "Save the Slide" campaign after the city infiltrated the New Museum gripping its red tape. The Carsten Höller Experience exhibit opened at the New Museum last week, bringing interactive pieces like a 102-foot-long slide, a sensory deprivation tank, and a carousel. The Department of Health got the museum to change the rules of the "Psycho Tank" (now just one visitor allowed at a time), and city officials promised to come back for further inspection. Yesterday, they made good on that promise... and have given the exhibit the green light! (Do you think they get line-cutting privileges now?) WNYC reports:

The city's Department of Consumer Affairs (D.C.A.) requires buildings or museums with large components like slides, swings or rides on their premises to acquire Temporary Amusement Device licenses. The Department of Buildings conducts inspections of such components for the D.C.A. After the museum was told of the licensing rule, it submitted its application. The city's Department of Buildings inspected the slide and carousel on Tuesday.

The DOB gave them the all clear, and a spokesperson at the Department of Consumer Affairs told WNYC that "there had not been another museum in recent memory that had applied for, or was required to get, a Temporary Amusement Device license." And that's probably why this one is getting record-breaking attendance—"bringing in twice as many visitors each day as compared with other shows."