Bowery isn't typically on the hunting season set's radar, but CityNoise just posted a shot of a dead deer in front of the New Museum (there's a more graphic angle on Flickr). PETA is not going to like this. We called the museum to get some answers (is the carcass part of some new exhibit? Is it a disgusting prank they weren't aware of?), but so far all they're willing to give up is that it appeared around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday (however, these photos seem to have been taken on Wednesday. Dun Dun Dun!). We'll update when they get back to us with more info. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: It appears that Liz Harris's Grouper is playing at the museum tonight, she has a CD titled Dragging a Dead Deer. Related?

UPDATE II: The New Museum just gave us their statement: "On Sunday, Feb. 8th around 1 p.m., two young men walked up to the front of the museum, and dumped a dead deer onto the sidewalk, and then ran away. New Museum security staff followed and was able to get photos of the two men. A police report was filed and the deer was quickly removed."

UPDATE III: Liz Harris confirms that she had "nothing whatsoever" to do with the deer, and adds, "I am very much an animal lover, more vegan then vegetarian, and would never ever instigate any such action. It would have been pretty hard to orchestrate from Portland, OR, I might add...Just a fucked up coincidence."